The two videos, PAPAMUMMY - the opening track of the LP Heal The Split [released by Barcelona-based label Màgia Roja in 2020], and PROGRESS [released in Raash Records RV/A003] are interconnected: you need two points in order to perceive a distance - both musically, visually and psychologically.

In PAPAMUMMY we played around with the idea of an ancient gift of false wisdom. The lyrics are a mixture of broken fragments from “The History of Sexuality” by Michel Foucault, the schizo-philosophy of Deleuze and Guattari and the late poems of Artonin Artaud, which also inspired the story: The Not-Girl meets the entity of The Papamummy, a manifestation of her subconscious and her entire ancestry, who offers her the food of eternal knowledge. In an attempt to help herself she is eventually sucked further into madness. This idea of a split identity echoes the title of the album, the sense that what was breached and broken can never be put back together.

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