The track PROGRESS is inspired by the moment you realize you face three possibilities: getting things together and trying to help yourself; pretending to be improving; or giving in to insanity. The pseudo-Industrial beat and the samples of lapsing pitch remind us of the never-ending circle of improvement-deterioration while the human condition rolls down the stairs. The character in the song calls us over and over in protest until she is encaged in a loop inside her head, swallowed by a world of her own shrieks eventually turning into the cries of animals, the outside universe where her suffering has no meaning and her madness is of a ridiculous proportion.

Both videos represent to us the idea of failed therapy and saving the psyche; PROGRESS is a bit like an abstraction of PAPAMUMMY’s script, expressing the deconstruction of both the soul and the visual media, its final scene a reminder of the overall absurdity of the attempt to even talk about these things.

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