ReReBirthing /The Hygiene Museum
Captivated by their own spell and awaiting the change, an underground/exhibitionist group of artists with improbable dreams is imprisoned in an audiovisual performance they created themselves. Disoriented with sensory overload, with affectionate gaze in the eye, they are maneuvering and being maneuvered by a collection of insights about controlled consciousness, stimulation threshold and dysfunction. The dissonance between the chaos in the space and temptation it evokes is perhaps a reflection of the surreal environment portrayed in their life.

Sound, light and space serve the collective as raw materials to create objects which manipulate spectatorship. Through an aesthetic of excess, multiplicity, intensity and deconstruction, they examine extreme physical driving forces and their impact on the spectator experience.

In this performance the audience confronts a brutal audiovisual flood that acts on all senses, and has to decide whether to struggle or let the body immerse itself in the experience. The presence of the light and the image steals the spectator's awareness, as the thicket of smoke and frequencies moves the viscera and proves the existence of the body. 

A site specific A/V performance, Acco Festival of Alternative Theater 2019

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